Dedicated to the Quality of Life
in the Ouachita Valley
P. O. Box 913
Camden, Arkansas 71701
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"A River Basin of Opportunity, 
A Century Plus of Commitment"

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ORVA Leadership


President: Randy Denmon

Vice President: John Stringer

Secretary/Treasurer: David Richardson

Board of Directors


Kevin Crosby

Johnny Martin

Staci Mitchell

Barry Joffrion

Gene Moorel

Lee Denny

Monty Adams, Jr.


Judge Robbie McAdoo

Corbet Lampkin

Mayor Scott McCormick

Jennifer King

Judge Mike Loftin

Tom Burger

Bill Burrough

Committee Chairman

Navigation: Johnny Martin

Finance: Johnny Martin/Barry Joffrion

Nominating Committee: Judge Mike Loftin/Johnny Martin

Executive Director
Rayford Wilbanks

Executive Director:
Rayford Wilbanks