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in the Ouachita Valley
P. O. Box 913
Camden, Arkansas 71701
"A River Basin of Opportunity, 
A Century Plus of Commitment"

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The ORVA Legacy

The Ouachita River Valley Association was organized in 1893 as the "Ouachita River Improvement Association" with the sole purpose of obtaining a year-round commercial navigation system on the Ouachita River in Arkansas and Louisiana.

In 1950, the Association was renamed the Ouachita River Valley Association, further expanding its objectives to include the entire spectrum of benefits that could be derived from water and related land resources development throughout the Ouachita River basin.

ORVA has been contributing to the welfare of the Ouachita River valley for more than a century, bringing prosperity and environmental and recreational benefits to its residents and resources.

Today, ORVA serves the basin in the following capacities:

  • Maintains collaborative relationships with elected officials.

  • Supports economic development and environmental sustainability.

  • Pursues the operation, maintenance and completion of the Ouachita-Black Navigation Project which includes providing recreational opportunities, safeguarding water supply, supporting flood damage reduction projects, and enhancing fish and wildlife resources.

  • Coordinates with Members of Congress, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, U. S. Coast Guard, and other Federal, state, and local entities to ensure safe, dependable navigation and recreation.

  • Keeps members informed of current legislation and other issues affecting the Ouachita River Valley.

  • Enhances public awareness through newsletters, public events, and other venues.

  • Conducts quarterly meetings and an annual convention in cities along the Ouachita-Black Rivers.