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With 2011-2012 Funding Status

ORVA is supporting seven projects/studies as shown in Table 1. The major projects include the Ouachita-Black Rivers Navigation Project, the three AR Lakes in the Basin including Lakes Ouachita, De Gray and Greeson, and the Ouachita River Levees. We have attempted for several years to get funding to initiate the Ouachita River Watershed, AR and LA Study—the Vicksburg District Corps of Engineers has expressed a capability of $200,000 to conduct the reconnaissance study, the first phase of a two part study process. We also are attempting to get bank stabilization on the Ouachita-Black Rivers and the lower 14,000 feet of Little River authorized as project components of the Ouachita-Black Rivers Navigation Project.

ORVA officials conducted a visit to Washington D. C. during the period March 14-16, 2011 to meet with our Congressional members and Corps of Engineers Headquarters personnel to stress the importance of funding/authorizing these projects/studies. As shown in Table 1, FY-12 President’s Budget amounts for budgeted projects are less than in FY-11. The Navigation Project was reduced by $54,000 while the three Arkansas lakes were reduced approximately $3.0 Mil, or about 15 percent. Note the Ouachita River Levees were not funded. Also shown are the priority FY-12 capability amounts that ORVA supports be added to the budget. Chief among these include $3.1 Mil for dredging, $6.0 Mil. for stop log slots at H. K. Thatcher L&D, $4.2 Mil for increased customer service at the three Corps Lakes , and $5.6 Mil. for work on the Ouachita River Levees. It is very doubtful that any of the capability items will be funded in FY-12.