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in the Ouachita Valley
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A Century Plus of Commitment"

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The Ouachita River Valley Association is always working on membership retention and recruiting new members. Current membership consists of members in the following categories: individual, small business, corporate, civic/professional, public entity, and primary users. Annual dues range from $50 for an individual membership to $2,500 for primary users. Our goal is to retain all existing members and enlist new members. Additional members are needed to first, help "Tell the Story" to Federal and other officials why it is of critical importance to continue the development of water and land resources in the Ouachita River Basin and second, there is "strength in numbers".

Listed below are reasons for joining ORVA:

1. Be part of our organization that has been in existence 117 years in the development of water and land resources and has a proud record of longevity and accomplishments to include being the organization that represented the voice of the private sector during the planning and construction of the Ouachita-Black Rivers Navigation Projects in the mid-twenties (6-Ĺ ft Project) and during the 70ís-early 80ís timeframe (9-ft Project) under the unparalleled leadership of H. K. Thatcher, ORVA Executive Director.

2. Be part of the Association that is recognized by Congress, Federal and state agencies as the lead organization that promotes and supports the development of water and land resources throughout the Ouachita River Valley.

3. Be part of the Association that makes two visits annually with congressional members representing the Ouachita River Valley in Louisiana and Arkansas to express water and land resources needs - we are an Association of constituents of our elected congressional representatives. Competition for Federal funds is very competitive in today's world and our voices must be heard. 17

4. Participate in an annual conference that features some of the top experts in the field of water and land resources development. Featured speakers normally include congressional members, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers commanders, U.S. Coast Guard commanders and experts in the fields of navigation, flood control, water supply, recreation and tourism, and fish and wildlife.

5. Stay informed of whatís going on in the water and land resources development in the Ouachita River Valley through receipt of quarterly newsletters, media releases, and the ORVA web site. Board members meet quarterly and at least two of these are for all members.

6. Participate in annual inspection trips on the Ouachita-Black and Mississippi Rivers with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and see firsthand how valuable our water and land resources are.

7. Associate, network, and socialize with good "down-to-earth" common sense folks who want to insure the economy, environment, and quality of life for residents of the Ouachita River Valley are improving on a continuous basis.

Remember this is the Association that served as the voice of the private sector that was utilized by U.S. Senator Allen J. Ellender and U.S. Representative Otto Passman of Louisiana and U.S. Senator John McClellan and U.S. Representative Oren Harris, both of Arkansas and others in getting the Ouachita-Black Rivers Navigation Project constructed. This project today serves as one of the primary generators of economic and environmental activity in the Ouachita River Basin.

You are encouraged to consider joining this important Association and help to continue its proud legacy.